Glowmac has state of the art manufacturing facility to produce high quality lighting fixtures. It has the most modern machinery to achieve efficient production. All the dies and molds required for the production are internally designed by engineering division.

We Glowmac Ligthing Pvt. Ltd. India take immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the distinguished manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Garden Light, Bollard Light, Wall Light, Ceiling Light, Street Light and Street Light Pole India.

Machinery Glowmac - Machinery

List of some of the main machineries  installed at glowmac’s factories are:

  • Robots They are used to do most complicated cutting operations which are otherwise not possible by any other machinery.
  • CNC machines They are used to perform accurate machining operations on die castings and other metal parts.
  • Injection molding machines They are used to make the diffusers in plastic material for all the lighting fixtures.
  • Aluminum Die casting machines They are  used to make the castings in aluminum using special purpose dies.
  • MIG and TIG welding machines They are used to create strong welding  joints in metal parts with good surface finish.
  • Powder coating plant and Polyurethane painting plant Glowmac offers both the options of powder coating and polyurethane coatings on the lighting fixtures and poles to its clients.

Testing Equipment

Glowmac - Testing EquipmentGlowmac has a fully equipped testing facility for undergoing all kinds of analysis and tests that need to be performed on the fixtures during designing, prototyping or sample testing during production. These tests are very essential to make sure that all the products designed and manufactured by Glowmac are up to the international standards.

The in-house lab includes the testing equipments to test these parameters:

  • IP (water) Ingress protection test against water, this is done using water spraying equipment.
  • IP (dust) Ingress protection test against dust, this is done using dust chamber.
    The above 2 tests decide the IP rating of the fixture.
  • Impact Impact test is done to know the resistance of the fixture against impact, measured in Joules. This is done using impact testing equipment.
  • Endurance The fixture is subjected to continuous running at fixed ambient temperature and at high humidity level to study the safety, electrical stability and performance level of the fixture. This is done in specially designed chamber, followed by electrical testing equipments.
  • Testing Equipment - Glowmac
  • Heat Dissipation Thermal images are generated to study the heat dissipation in the fixture. This is particularly important in LED based fixtures. This is done using thermal imaging equipment.
  • Ballast Ballast test is conducted to study the performance of the ballast. This is done using cathode ray oscilloscope.
  • Electrical All other types of electrical tests are conducted on the fixture to study the safety level and performance level of the fixture. These are done using various electrical testing equipments.
  • Photometry Photometric analysis of fixtures are done during designing and prototyping to study the light distribution pattern of the fixture and to ensure that the fixture has high efficiency level. This is done using goniophotometer.

Product Designing & Photometry

Glowmac uses advanced lighting application software and cad designing software to design its fixtures. Along with these the modern prototyping techniques are also used to ensure the fixtures perform the way they are designed to, as on the drawing board.

Glowmac uses 3 dimensional cad designing and modeling application to design each and every component, that will be used in the fixture during production. The assembled models are also studied deeply to check for any errors in fitments, interferences, heat dissipation and all other parameters to ensure that the prototype when made, passes all the tests.

Stress test are done on the 3 dimensional models by subjecting  forces and pressures in these applications to study the effect of wind and other forces, that the fixture may be subjected to during its life time. The weaker parts and joints are identified and redesigned. This helps in avoiding failure of parts during prototype tests and on actual working.

The most important aspect of the light fixture is its optics. These fixtures are suppose to distribute light in a specified manner with maximum efficiency. To achieve this Glowmac uses advance lighting application to study the design of the optics of the fixture and generate results that are very close to the actual result that the prototype will generate.

The design of the primary and secondary reflectors along with diffusers are carefully done and the surface finish correctly chosen. These fixtures are studied using ray trace capabilities of the application.

The false color irradiance map here shows the light distribution of the fixture. With the help of Irradiance map and polar candela plots the light distribution is studied and the optic design modified, if required to get the desired light distribution. Which could be either focus in any particular direction or very even light distribution throughout the target area.

This procedure ensures that the prototype distributes light with maximum efficiency. The efficiency of the fixture is measured by the percentage of the light that is distributed on the target area to the total light emitted by the lamp. Glowmac's fixtures are scientifically designed and manufactured to have highest efficiency and very even light distribution.

Photometric Analysis on Client's Drawing

It is extremely difficult for the architects and light designers to analyze, how good the lighting fixture will look in the arena and how the lighting fixture will light up the target area without understanding the optics of the fixture. And the final result can be very different from the architect’ and light designer’s perception. To know how the actual result will look like before actually buying and installing the fixtures on the site, Glowmac provides the option of making pictures and videos of the installed fixtures with illumination on the drawing, provided by the client.

By taking the 2dimensional or 3dimensional cad drawing from the client, Glowmac positions all the required fixtures on the marked positions and generates the photometry and the video.

These videos can be studied to see how the fixtures look along with the other building and architectural elements. The photometry in false color and grayscale are made from different viewpoints which can be studied to see the bright and the dark areas in the arena. If the result is not correct then same procedure is repeated, if required on the rectified design and analyzed till the best result is achieved.

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